Fukurogawa River千歳袋川

Appreciating cherry blossoms along riverbanks is not rare in Japan. However, you can canoeing in Fukurogawa River during sakura season in Tottori city. Because Fukurogawa River is quite accessible, just a 10-minute walk from JR Tottori Station, the viewing spot appeals to tens of thousands of visitors riding bicycles, strolling or enjoying barbecue.

Admission: free of charge

Number of sakura trees: more than 200

The age of trees:

Variety: Yoshino cherry

2019/2020 Cherry Blossom Viewing Dates at Fukurogawa River

Cherry blossom viewing period: late March to early April

Best time to view in 2019: late March to early April

Best time to view in 2020 (estimated): late March to early April


Cherry blossom festival in 2019: not available

How to visit

Access: Walk for 10 minutes from JR Tottori Station
Address: From Motomachi to Zaimoku-cho (between Wakasa and Yutokoro Bridge), Tottori City, Tottori
Japanese address: 鳥取県烏取市元町~材木町付近

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