10 Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots with the Most Cherry Trees in Japan

Tens of thousands of cherry trees are normally planted on mountains and huge parks. You can see the scenery of famous saying ‘Ichimoku Senbon’ (a thousand cherry blossom trees in one glance) in these cherry blossom viewing sights. Below are top 10 best cherry blossom viewing spots with the most cherry trees in 2019.

No.1 Mt.Yoshino (Nara)- about 30,000 cherry trees

Every spring, light and dark pink flowers flourish from the foot of Mt.Yoshino to the peak, mainly in 4 areas- Shimosenbon, Nakasenbon, Kamisenbon, and Okusenbon.

No.2 Sayama Lake (Saitama)- about 20,000 cherry trees

The area around Sayama Lake is a celebrated cherry blossom viewing spot in Saitama Prefecture where 20,000 cherry trees are planted. The hilly land at the east side of Sayama Lake features large area of lawn, observation deck and walking trail.

No.3 Yoshida mountaineering trail of Mt. Fuji (Yamanashi)- about 20,000 cherry trees

Yoshida mountaineering trail of Mt. Fuji is the hub of Fuji Sakura, a designated National Natural Monument. Tea and sakura cookies peculiar to cherry blossom festival are provided.

No.4 Takebe no Mori Park(Okayama)- about 15,000 cherry trees

Thanks to 15,000 cherry trees and more than 100 types at Takebe no Mori Park, cherry blossom season usually lasts more than one month here. 1.5km weeping cherry tunnel is a must-go sight.

No.5 Matsumae Park (Hokkaido)- about 10,000 cherry trees

Matsumae Park is not only home to many historic buildings and ruins, but one of the top 100 sakura viewing spots in Japan. Thanks to over 200 varieties of 10,000 cherry blossom trees, viewing period lasts from late April to late May. 

No.6 Tenshochi Park (Iwate)- about 10,000 cherry trees

Boasting one of Japan’s top 100 sakura viewing spots and one of three best places to enjoy sakura in Michinoku (northeast region of Japan),  2,930,000-square-metre Tenshochi Park is home to 10,000 cherry blossom trees and 100,000 azaleas.

No.7 Sakurayama Park (Gunma)- about 10,000 cherry trees

Cherry blossoms at Sakurayama Park are so unique that they bloom in two seasons, spring and autumn. 3,000 Yoshino Cherry trees flourish in April, while 7,000 Winter Sakura trees or Fuyuzakura bloom from late October to early December.

No.8 Ohara's Four Seasons Sakura (Aichi)- about 10,000 cherry trees

Four Seasons Cherry Blossoms or Shikizakura in Ohara region bloom in both spring and autumn. You can enjoy the once-in-a-life-time landscape of pale pink cherry blossoms and fiery red maple leaves at Ohara Shikizakura Festival in November.

No.9 Hanatate Park (Miyazaki)- about 10,000 cherry trees

On a fine day, you can see the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean on the Mt. Hanatate covered by 10,000 cherry trees.

No.10 Kawazu (Shizuoka)- about 8,000 cherry trees

As one of the most renowned resorts in Japan, Kawazu boasts the earliest cherry blossoms, from early February to early March, while from late March to early April in Tokyo.