What to Eat in Tokyo in Cherry Blossom Season


As a cosmopolis, Tokyo is home to delicacies from all over the world. Apart from traditional Japanese cuisine like sushi, ramen, udon, soba, etc., dishes at French and Italian restaurants are quite authentic as well. Furthermore, some cafe and izakayas (Japanese-style bars or pubs) are recommended for night cherry viewing.

Sushi (寿司 or 鮨)

Sushi is one of the most well-known Japanese delicacies. Typical sushi consists of vinegared rice ball and raw fish toppings. Dip sushi in soy sauce and mustard sauce. Popular sushi types include Nigiri, Gunkan, Norimaki and Temaki.

Ramen (ラーメン)

Ramen, or noodle soup, was originally introduced from China and now you can find ramen restaurants everywhere in Japan. Ramen are classified based on soup bases, such as Shoyu (Soy Sauce), Shio (Salt), Miso (Soybean Paste) and Tonkotsu (Pork Bone). Common toppings served with noodles are slices of roasted or braised pork, preserved bamboo shoots, half boiled egg, seaweed, corn, chopped green onion, etc.

Soba (そば)

Soba is a kind of noodle made of the combination of buckwheat flour and wheat flour. Soba are offered with cold dipping sauce or in hot soup.

Chicken dishes

chicken dishes including skewered grilled chicken pieces seasoned with salt or sauce, stone-baked and hot pot dishes.

Grilled eel dish (鰻)

Juicy grilled eel on hot rice always makes your mouth water. Grilled eel dish in Japan is often served as set dish along with soup, pickled vegetable, seaweed, etc.

Izakaya (居酒屋)

Izakaya is a Japanese pub or bar which is a leisurely place for after-work people in Japan. Alcohol like sake, beer, wine, whisky, cocktail are provided. Foods range from salad, pickles, noodles to fried chicken, grilled meat or vegetable skewers and slices of raw fish.

Japanese curry (カレー)

Even though curry is not a traditional Japanese dish, it is highly popular because of low price and diverse flavour. Not only served with rice, but also udon, bread and hamburg. A wide range of vegetables and meats are used to made curry, covering potatoes, carrots, onions, fried pork, sliced beef, cubed beef, etc.

Tempura (天ぷら)

Tempura are deep fried vegetables or seafood introduced by the Portuguese in the 16th century. They can be served as main dishes, side dishes or toppings for ramen, udon, soba and set meals.

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