Asahi River Sakura Road旭川さくら道

Adorned with 200 cherry blossom trees from Horai Bridge to Aioi Bridge, Asahi River Sakura Road is on the east side of Okayama Korakuen Garden. During sakura season, people often sit and have picnic under cherry trees which stretch 1km along the riverbank of Asahi River. By the way, Korakuen Garden is one of Japan’s three most famed ancient gardens.

Admission: free of charge

Number of sakura trees: 200

The age of trees:

Variety: Yoshino cherry

2019/2020 Cherry Blossom Viewing Dates at Asahi River Sakura Road

Cherry blossom viewing period: late March to early April

Best time to view in 2019: late March to early April

Best time to view in 2020 (estimated): March 29 to April 7


Cherry blossom festival in 2019: March 29 to April 7

How to visit

Access: Around 10 minutes by Okayama Korakuen bus from JR Okayama Station. Get off at Korakuen-mae.
Address: East bank of the Asahi River, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
Japanese address: 岡山県岡山市旭川東岸

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