Matsumoto Castle松本城

Matsumoto Castle, the National Treasure and one of five ancient castles in Japan, boasts breathtaking image of imposing castle, stunning cherry blossoms and snow-capped Northern Japan Alps. 300 cherry trees are along the outer walls and moats, which are more charming in light-up event at night. Performances by Japanese traditional musical instruments, tea ceremony are shown at this time.

Admission: free of charge; 610 Yen for the main keep

Number of sakura trees: 300

The age of trees:

Variety: Yoshino cherry and Weeping cherry

2019/2020 Cherry Blossom Viewing Dates at Matsumoto Castle

Cherry blossom viewing period: early to mid April

Best time to view in 2019: early to mid April

Best time to view in 2020 (estimated): April 7 to 17


Cherry blossom festival in 2019: April 10 to 17

How to visit

Access: Take Town Sneaker bus for 5 minutes from Matsumoto Station on JR Chuo Line.
Address: 4-1 Marunouchi, Matsumoto, Nagano
Japanese address: 長野県松本市丸の内4-1

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