Oshino Hakkai忍野八海

This is one of the most favourite spots for photographers. The highlights of Oshino Hakkai are magnificent Mt. Fuji, pure cherry blossoms, pristine Japanese traditional village and sacred eight ponds whose water comes from snow melting of Mt. Fuji. The collaboration of Omiya bridge over Shinnasho river, Mt. Fuji and sakura is an iconic image here.

Admission: free of charge

Number of sakura trees: 200

The age of trees:

Variety: Yoshino cherry

2019/2020 Cherry Blossom Viewing Dates at Oshino Hakkai

Cherry blossom viewing period: early to mid April

Best time to view in 2019: early to mid April

Best time to view in 2020 (estimated): early to mid April


Cherry blossom festival in 2019: not available

How to visit

Access: Take bus for 15 minutes from Fujikyuko Line Fujisan station, and get off at Oshino hakkai, then walk for 5 minutes.
Address: Shibokusa, Oshino, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi
Japanese address: 山梨県南都留郡忍野村忍草

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