JapanCherry Blossoms Forecastin 2024

In Japan, the cherry blossom season occurs every spring. The geography of the long, thin island of Japan varies greatly in terms of temperature and climate from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. As a result, the dates on which cherry blossoms bloom will vary depending on where in Japan. The Seto Inland Sea coast, Kanto area, Hokuriku region, Tohoku region, southern Kyushu, southern Shikoku, northern Kyushu, and northern Shikoku will all experience the Japanese cherry blossom season first, with Okinawa seeing the most blossoming, usually starting in January or February. Around the beginning of May, the flowers blossom in Hokkaido's northernmost region.

However, the 2024 cherry blossom blooming date in Japan is expected to be earlier than in previous years due to the influence of warm winters and rising temperatures; more precise predictions have not yet been released by relevant units.

The following are the anticipated blooming dates (best viewing days) for Japan's cherry blossoms in 2024:

  1. Fukuoka: March 31

  2. Kyoto: March 31

  3. Osaka: April 1

  4. Nagoya: March 30

  5. Tokyo: March 29

  6. Kanazawa: April 6

  7. Sendai: April 11

  8. Sapporo: May 5

The expected flowering period of cherry blossoms in popular Japanese cities in 2024:

  • Tokyo: from March 22 to 29

  • Osaka: from  25 March to 1 April

  • Kyoto: from  23 March to 31 March

  • Sapporo: from May 1 to May 5 

(Data source: Japan Meteorological Corporation)

  • Tokyo: from March 20 to 29

  • Osaka: from March 22 to 30

  • Kyoto:  from  23 March to 31 March

  • Sapporo: from April 25 to April 29 

(Data source: Weather map)

The peak of the Japanese cherry blossom season will occur between late March and mid-April.  The term "cherry blossom blooming forecast" refers to the "early blooming" of cherry blossoms, as well as the "full bloom" when they bloom to roughly 80%.  This is also the most gorgeous cherry bloom and most suited for viewing.  The time of Sakura's activity.  However, cherry blossoms are usually in full bloom for only approximately 6 days.  Travelers who want to observe the cherry blossoms should check the cherry blossom season prediction at any time.