10 Most Popular Spots to View Cherry Blossoms in 2024 in Japan

Along with the fall of cherry blossom petals in Hokkaido in early May, cherry blossom season in 2019 in Japan ended. What are the most popular spots in Japan to view sakura in 2019? Please check the list below.

No.1 Meguro River (Tokyo)

During cherry blossom season, no matter day and night, Meguro River is a hot spot for viewers.

No.2 Shinjuku Gyoen (Tokyo)

Shinjuku Gyoen has been one of the best places in Tokyo to enjoy cherry blossoms since Meiji era.

No.3 Yodogawa Riverside Park (Kyoto)

Yodogawa Riverside Park, a confluence of three rivers, boasts No. 1 sakura viewing spot in Kyoto and the third place in Japan.

No.4 Chidorigafuchi Moat (Tokyo)

As one of the imperial moats, Chidorigafuchi was named because of its wings-like shape.

No.5 Ueno Park (Tokyo)

Ueno Park is not only Japan’s biggest city park, but boasts its cherry blossoms.

No.6 Osaka Mint Bureau (Osaka)

The reason why cherry blossom viewing is so sought-after at Osaka Mint Bureau is that it open only 7 days a year to the public.

No.7 Mt.Yoshino (Nara)

Cherry blossoms at Mt. Yoshino is called “Ichimoku Senbon” (a thousand cherry blossom trees in one glance).

No.8 Nitchusen Memorial Bike and Pedestrian Path (Fukushima)

The 3km long cherry blossoms tunnel is converted by an railroad from Kitakata Station to Atsushio Station.

No.9 Rikugien Garden (Tokyo)

Rikugien Garden, a typical Japanese garden, is one of the most famous locations to see weeping cherry blossom trees in Tokyo.

No.10 Himeji Castle (Hyogo)

Blue sky, white castle and pink sakura are the essential hues of Himeji.