Hikarigaoka Park都立光が丘公園

Opened in 1981, 60,000-square-meter Hikarigaoka Park is an off the beaten path cherry blossom viewing spot. The uncrowded place boasting 1000 sakura trees is nice for picnicking, doing sports and barbecuing.

Admission: free of charge

Number of sakura trees: 1,000

The age of trees:

Variety: Somei Yoshino, Yamazakura and Oosimazakura

2019/2020 Cherry Blossom Viewing Dates at Hikarigaoka Park

Cherry blossom viewing period: late March to early April

Best time to view in 2019: late March to early April

Best time to view in 2020 (estimated): late March to early April


Cherry blossom festival in 2019: March 24, April 6 and 7

How to visit

Access: 0.6 km from Hikarigaoka Station on Oedo Line (E38)
Address: 2 Chome-1 Hikarigaoka, Nerima City, Tokyo
Japanese address: 東京都練馬区光が丘4-1-1

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