Philosopher's Path


2024 cherry blossom dates for Philosopher's Path

This year's flowering period is anticipated to be:
Estimated Flowering Date
April 24
Estimated Full Bloom Date
April 24 ~ April 28
<p>Kyoto University philosophy professor Nishida Kitaro used to walk along the road and contemplate, hence the name. The 2km narrow, cobblestone path is adorned with 450 cherry blossom trees and when petals fall, it will be covered by a pink carpet. The path is also surrounded by several temples and shrines, such as Ginkakuji Temple and Nanzenji Temple.</p>
  1. Number of sakura trees:
  2. The age of trees:
    80 to 90 years
  3. Variety:
    Oosimazakura, Yaezakura and weeping cherry

How to visit


Take No. 32 or 100 bus and get off at Ginkakuji-mae stop


between Ginkakuji and Nyakuoji-jinja, Sakyo, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture

Japanese address:


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