Maruyama Park


2024 cherry blossom dates for Maruyama Park

This year's flowering period is anticipated to be:
Estimated Flowering Date
April 24
Estimated Full Bloom Date
April 24 ~ April 28
<p>A 12-metre tall and more than 80-year-old weeping cherry blossom tree in the middle of Maruyama Park stands out in 850 sakura trees. Compared to the tranquil cherry blossom viewing at Gion, it is like a carnival at the park. At night, people sit under the light-up trees, chatting, tasting snacks and drinking beer or sake.</p>
  1. Number of sakura trees:
  2. The age of trees:
    more than 80 years (the middle weeping cherry blossom tree)
  3. Variety:
    Somei Yoshino and Weeping Cherry

How to visit


A 5-minute walk from City Bus Stop "Gion"


473 Maruyamacho, Higashiyama-ku, Higashiyama, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture

Japanese address:


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