Akagi Nanmen Thousand Cherry Blossoms


2024 cherry blossom dates for Akagi Nanmen Thousand Cherry Blossoms

This year's flowering period is anticipated to be:
Estimated Flowering Date
April 24
Estimated Full Bloom Date
April 24 ~ April 28
<p>Akagi Nanmen Thousand Cherry Blossoms is the most popular place to appreciate sakura in Gunma Prefecture. 1,000 Somei Yoshino cherry blossom trees planted along the 1.3km road attracts a large number of visitors every April. Apart from strolling under the flourishing flower tunnel, viewing cherry blossoms while having picnic on the lawn is also enjoyable. Local specialties and performances are available at festivals. Don’t miss the neighbouring Miyagi Senbonzakura no Mori Park, home to a stretch of unique Shibazakura (moss cherry blossoms).</p>
  1. Number of sakura trees:
  2. The age of trees:
    60 years
  3. Variety:
    Somei Yoshino

How to visit


Take a bus from Maebashi Station on JR Ryomo Line or Akagi Station on Tobu Kiryu Line or Ogo Station on Jomo Denki Line


2511-2, Naegashimamachi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma

Japanese address:


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